Faking it to win it

It is deeply unfortunate that our governor has to fake it to appease the base. Just like how leftist Angeledes is trying to move to the center, Arnold is trying his best to move to the right. I feel its dishonest to try to make insincere platitudes to get voter approval. Voters like a centrist, they choose Gray Davis over Lungren and Simon and they choose Wilson over Feinstein and Kathleen Brown.

Conservatives may not like it that he has the Log Cabin Republicans seal of approval, but at least it shows to the center that he does not capitulate to the far right which does not have much political traction in our state. People on Freerepublic are begging Arnold to stray away from his inclusive side. However the biggest problem our governor has is the 107 billion of bonds he is supporting in the November election.

I do not think the conservatives have a viable state of influence in the state of California. You have to bleed both liberal and conservative ideas to show that you are a holistic influence in today’s political dynamic. I honestly feel Arnold is straying from his true and honest image and I feel that it is not right. Liberals and Conservatives are very uneasy about supporting the governor. I feel that governor should stand against the social conservative campaigners, while being very fiscally conservative and law and order.

This was the reason for my August 23rd letter to the Los Angeles Times.

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