On Politics

The “cease fire” from Hezbolah to Israel was a dire mistake. Cease fire is only code language for let us freedom fighters rearm and change our strategry to ram Israel in the arse. I think Israel should say free those two captured soldiers then we will talk, but those two captured soldiers are still not freed.

Iran is still supplying the insurgents of Iraq and arming Hezbolah. Unfortunately if we want to attack Iran we would risk the other nations of OPEC to ship us oil. So we honestly need to become energy independent. A gradual reduction of imported oil will be the key for national security. Leftists and conservatives should cheer for energy independence. However the environmentalists are the only major hurdle for this objective. I believe energy exploration for our own energy supply as well as alternative energy technologies like hybrid, natural gas, electric and bio-fuel will be our plan for less pollution and freedom from tyranny.

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