BBS Culture

Shameless plug alert ahead my readers, I have decided to advertise something that has been apart of my existance for the last decade. I have operated a Bulletin Board System called The Parallel and it has been a big part of youth online culture in my local community until the internet became dominant in 1999.

Before the internet’s boom people frequented the BBS, a place where people could read messages, download files and play online games. Even though you can do these things on the internet proper, the BBS still remains a micro-community on the Internet.

I do cary Fidonet and Dovenet with hundreds of networked messages.

I have a decent selection of online games. They may not be World of Warcraft, but people are still indeed captivated to the minimalist form of Legend of the Red Dragon and Barron Realms Elite.

You can visit the site today and make an account and visit now if you want and visit from your web browser.
Visit the message bases and file libraries from the http interface.

You dont need to use QModem or Telix to visit my BBS the old fashioned way. You can telnet in. Install SyncTerm
and add The Parallel to your dialing directory. SyncTerm is not a WindowsXP only program, it is compiled for various operating systems from OS X for your Macintosh, the BSD’s and Linux too.

The Parallel BBS is awaiting you.

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