I am so tired of listening to Madge Weinstein I finally decided to unsubscribe from her feed. Too much left leaning politics can make a man go insane and I do not want to hear more about her ‘lesbian bloat’ and her facination with ‘prolapse’. It feels like a cliche when Madge talks about her bloat like a cliche.

I would like to see some new voices into podcasting. If we do not like what is being aired out in the marketplace of ideas it is our duty to produce new and quality content. I would honestly would like to see a weekly center to the right show with Boifromtroy, the two guys from The Malcontent and even Bratboy to be the opposite of Eat This Hot Show.

I have even flirted with the idea of producing my own podcast too. Poetry, Politics and culture would be the three themes I would consider airing out in the world of the internets.

Choice will be a positive approach to the world of podcasting.

Update: The Malcontent blog has published their first show. Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting”

  1. Matt and I are actually going to start putting together podcasts very soon. He’s been travelling for work lately, but once things settle down we’re going to go ahead with it.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence =)

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