Customer Service is a dieing artform.

I recently was viewing the boards for Microsoft’s Windows OneCare and they mentioned that the cd edition was avaliable for $9.99 which was $10 cheaper than I visited the website and they said they had copies available, so I went to the local circut city store in Montclair California. I did not see it on the shelves, and I asked if they had it on stock since their computer system said they had it. I even asked for a rain check and they refused to give me one. And they said they were going to check the back, but no! The sales associate went to process some other person’s purchase and I was tired of the bull crap they were giving me. I guess I am still an amazon customer for now.

I do work retail and I understand how vital customer service is. A customer who spends $2 is just as important as a customer who spends $200. Maybe the cheap customer may come back a month later and buy a car stereo or ipod.

UPDATE: Management at the Montclair store have given me the raincheck. Thank You, perhaps I’ll come and do something nice for them.

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