Pet Shop Boys are indeed Fundamental to Pop music.

The Pet Shop Boys have not been as popular in the last decade in the United States, but Fundamental seems to be one of the critical releases in pop music. The song writing and production with Trevor Horn have brought listeners with a return to form. Fundamental’s first single was “Im with Stupid” which had a subtle diss on the leaders of the United States and the United Kingdom which was a great taste of the cd.

Think of Fundamental as the complete Pet Shop Boys. Its an  amalgamated package of their total style. It is both upbeat and downbeat. There is music for all to enjoy. Unlike Release it has more electronic elements so for those who disliked their guitar oriented sound, they have indeed gone back to their roots.

What songs from the preview will be interesting?

  • Psychological
  • Minimal
  • Integral
  • Numb (Thank god Aerosmith did not get offered the song)
  • Sodom and Gomorrah Show
  • Twentieth Century

There has been no announcement for an American release yet. I am prepared to shell out the money to import this with its bonus disc Fundamentalism

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