Since I have migrated to the world of having my own hosted website with thousands of megabytes of space. I now have the personal luxury of establishing a podcast. If any of you are beginners to computing think of podcasts and video casts as media files you can download at your own leisure to enjoy.

I recently bought the Extreme Tech Podcasting book by Todd Cochrane during the Podcasting expo last November in Ontario, California. The book had loads of basic information about what type of software, technology and resources I would need to put on an effective podcast.

I admire many of the long term podcasts that have been produced. Podcasts do take time and effort to produce. You want to maintain a listenership that will faithfully tune in to each new show. I have tried to make a podcast and it is a very time consuming endevor.

My minum goal is to produce a weekly half hour show. This would allow me to practice my podcasting skills and become more effective as time goes on.

Also podcasts do eat up hard drive space and bandwith too. I have 500 gigs of traffic each month, and I am indeed afraid I would go over my allocation. I would perhaps have to buy a second account to serve my podcast. However if I am just starting out I should not fear about driving up huge bandwith bills.

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