Recalling Davis a Risky Impediment

By Matt Munson – Originally Published in the UC Riverside Highlander March 4th 2003

Last month the boards of the American Independent, Libertarian and Republican Party agree on one individual principle that Governor Davis should be removed from office. The opponents of a recall believe that our governor is dually elected and he should serve his time in office, while the proponents believe that our governor has committed so much fiscal errors that he nearly crippled our state government.

However, the Republican Party failed to offer a suitable candidate to beat Governor Davis during the November 2002 elections. If we only had a Republican nominee that would have had the confidence of the voters of the entire state, we may have had different leadership governing us today. The progressive reforms of Hiram Johnson give us the tools to remove negligent government officials and replace them with someone who truly represents the Californian voter. The problem with using the recall may portray the Republican Party however marginal even more irrelevant.

Notable Republicans including Assemblyman Dave Cox of Sacramento believe that a recall is merely a distraction towards the work the party needs to do such as working to construct alternatives to the Democratic Party’s budget plans. I agree with Assemblyman Cox that the recall should not be on the ballot, but if it does get on the ballot I will definitely remove our governor from leading our state. Recall is merely a gamble that may drain necessary funds from a party that is a half a million in the red. There are higher priorities of importance for the Republican Party in 2004. Defeating United States Senator Boxer and the long shot campaign to win California’s 55 electoral votes for the president should be of higher importance for the party in planning their upcoming political strategy.

Due to the low voter turnout, the requirements to recall the Governor has been easier to obtain despite the 12 percent requirement of the last vote for that respective office which is approximate to 900 thousand votes. Two proponents are organizing the campaign to recall the governor, People’s Advocate that helped to get Proposition 13 and a group organized by former Assemblyman Kaloogian of San Diego. However, People’s Advocate is the proponent who is quiet while Kaloogian’s group is the most vocal out of the bunch. Proponents must receive the necessary signatures within 160 days for an election that will be placed on the ballot during late summer if successful.

The charges filed against the governor are about how we were deceived on the condition of the state budget so the voters would not know how bad of shape our budget is. How our governor made our energy situation worse by implementing red tape in construction of electricity plants and implementing price caps that constrained the supply of energy. Gray Davis made many people unhappy including the Democratic dominated California Teachers Association where the governor has stalled the agenda of the union.

Governor Davis cannot be everything to everyone however, he will remain as the governor who came up as a prince and left as a disgraced fool. Nevertheless, I support our Governor crashing our state until it crumbles so in the future the Democratic Party would become irrelevant like the Republicans of today. Not rushing to a recall may benefit California in the end where they will realize voting for Democrats in general is not a wise move.

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